Why You Shouldn't Visit Your Doctor in the Afternoon

May 15, 2019

wutwhanfoto iStock / Getty Images Plus

Doctors might know more about health and medicine, but, like us, they are human and prone to fatigue. To get the most out of your next visit, schedule your appointment for the morning, before your doctor's energy starts to slump and they're more likely not to order tests or to prescribe unnecessary antibiotics. In a new study published in JAMA Network Open, researchers found that doctors ordered fewer breast and colon cancer screenings for patients later in the day compared to the morning. Being so tired that you don't think as well--also known as decision fatigue--increases as the day goes on. Doctors might be more pressed for time in the afternoons and more likely to opt for easier solutions, like writing scripts for symptoms instead of trying to figure out the root of the problem.