Veterinarian Takes to the Streets to Care for Homeless People's Pets

February 27, 2020

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The pets of homeless people in California are getting much-needed check ups thanks to "The Street Vet." CBS News reports San Diego-based veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart has taken it upon himself to hit the streets and help take care of pets in need. A vet for 20 years, Stewart began stopping occasionally to check in on pets he saw on the streets with their owners a few years ago. "When I had spare time or if I happened to be driving home and saw a pet and owner in need, I would offer some assistance," Stewart explains on his GoFundMe page. "A quick check up, maybe some medication or wasn't a lot, but sometimes giving a little can make all the difference." Now Stewart even has his own reality show, The Street Vet, which airs on Canada's Cottage TV. He hopes the show will "raise awareness and encourage others to give a little back, too."