"This Is Us" Creator Says "People Will Be Talking About" Season 4 Premiere

June 7, 2019

Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup, USA Today

This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman says fans will be "talking about" the upcoming season 4 premiere of the hit show. According to Entertainment Tonight, Fogelman shared some light teasers during an Emmy event on Thursday night. He said that the writing team has been back at work for a couple weeks and he's already written the first episode. "It's a really ambitious season," Fogelman said. "We're in the middle of these characters' journeys and that's a really exciting place to be. I can't tell [you> much about the storyline, but I think the first episode...people will be talking about it. It's different and unusual." This Is Us will return to NBC on Tuesdays this fall.