Therapy Dogs for Parkland Shooting Survivors Get Own Yearbook Page

May 17, 2019


A crew of therapy dogs have helped students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School make it through their difficult year and now the pups are getting their due. BuzzFeed reports the Parkland, Florida, high school's yearbook has dedicated an entire page to "class photos" of the doggos. The 14 furry friends are posed just like the students and all have their names listed. Students at the high school are still trying to emotionally deal with the mass shooting that took place at their school in February 2018. "This year we wanted to give proper representation of our school and who we are now without giving so much focus to what happened to us in the past," said rising editor-in-chief Caitlynn Tibbetts. "The therapy dogs are the one thing from last year that is permanent and positive."