The Guy Who Lost 44 Pounds Only Drinking Beer for Lent Is Doing It Again This Year for a World Record

March 2, 2020

There's a 44-year-old guy named Del Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio. And last year, he gave up food for Lent and only drank beer. He wound up losing 44 pounds in 46 days and his story went viral. Well, he's doing it again for Lent this year and he's trying to break a record. He says the world record for the most consecutive days of only drinking beer and not consuming anything else is 50 days so he's going to extend his beer fast to try to break that record. He also says he's put back on about half the weight he lost during last year's fast and he thinks this year's will be easier on him mentally because, quote, "Last year, there was a big fear of dying."