Texas Tech Students Flip Cars, Set Scooters on Fire After Basketball Team Advances to Title Game

April 8, 2019

© Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Somebody apparently forgot to tell Texas Tech men's basketball fans that you're supposed to wait until after your team plays in the final game of the NCAA tournament to set your college town on fire, as students and Red Raider faithful flipped cars, punched out street lamps and lit Lime Scooters on fire in Lubbock after their upset of Michigan State in the national semifinals on Saturday. While police in riot gear had to break up the melee, Deadspin reports that there were no arrests or injuries reported. Meanwhile, officers arrested 23 people in East Lansing, Michigan--home of Michigan State--for various acts of frustrated destruction after the Spartans' season ended. Turning back to the court, Texas Tech faces Virginia for the national championship in Minneapolis on Monday night.