A Starbucks Cup Made an Unexpected Cameo on Sunday's "Game of Thrones"

May 6, 2019


A "latte" Game of Thrones fans are freaking out after discovering that the latest episode of the hit HBO show included an unexpected shot of a Starbucks cup. The to-go container's cameo came during a scene at Winterfell in which Tormund Giantsbane toasts Jon Snow as part of a post-battle meal. As Daenerys Targaryen sits behind them eyeing them suspiciously, the white paper cup appears on a table next to her. "My favorite show in the entire world forgot a STARBUCKS COFFEE CUP ON THE TABLE WHILE FILMING," one GoT fan tweeted about the gaffe, while another joked, "Daenerys Targaryen mother of dragons, the unburnt, the breaker of chains, the drinker of Starbucks."