Starbucks Announced When They Plan to Open for To-Go & Delivery Orders

April 30, 2020

In May, Starbucks plans to slowly open stores for to-go and delivery service, according to Buzzfeed News. By June, the company expects to open 90 percent of its locations in the United States. The stores will open in "modified formats," that include drive-thru, pickup, delivery (through UberEats) and order ahead options. "Cafés were, and will remain closed for the immediate future," said a spokesperson. Walk-ins will be asked to download the coffee chain's app to pick up and go. All workers will have their temps checked as well. The chain will also restart marketing activities, which had been halted. CEO Kevin Johnson said, "We are leveraging our experience in China to inform our actions in other markets, including the US, where we are now entering the 'monitor and adapt' phase to reopen many more stores with best-in-class safety protocols."