St. Louis Supermarket Transforms Salad Bar Into Mini-Booze Bottle Buffet for Quarantine Drinkers

May 6, 2020
salad bar

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A supermarket in St. Louis has made getting sauced while sheltering in place easier than ever. This week, a customer at a Dierbergs grocery store revealed in a Facebook pic that the store had replaced its usual salad bar with a smorgasbord of miniature bottles of booze. "Well, Dierbergs finally said 'Screw it' and changed the salad buffet into a mini-bottle scoop and go," Jonathan Fredrick captioned his snap. "So drink up!" The Riverfront Times also notes, "The selection is laid out just as it would be in a real salad bar, with flavors separated so guests can choose just how much of each item they want to sprinkle into their carts." No word on whether customers are expected to pay for the booze by the pound or by the "pound" (get it?).