SpaceX Plans to Send People Into Orbital Space on a 5-Day Trip

February 19, 2020

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SpaceX and Space Adventures have inked a deal that would take people into orbital space as soon as 2021, according to CNN. The planned space route would take five days and reach altitudes similar to those experienced by the NASA Gemini 11 mission in 1966. The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft, which seats four, would be used for the trip. A Space Adventures spokesperson said the price of the trip would be "in the range as other orbital spaceflight opportunities." Space Adventures has already offered eight orbital space trips to get to the International Space Station. Passengers included Cirque du Soleil co-founder Guy Laliberté and tickets were about $20 million apiece. Not to be outdone, two U.S.-based companies, Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, are taking a different tack. They're developing vehicles for taking people to suborbital space, about 60 miles over the Earth's surface. Great sights can still be seen, and a ride to suborbital space can provide a few minutes of weightlessness as well.