South Koreans Strive to Look Sexy in Surgical Masks, Which Are Now a "Signature" Fashion Item

March 20, 2020
Face masks

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South Korean fashion vloggers aren't letting a few surgical masks get in the way of looking sexy in the age of coronavirus. “It’s very, very unfortunate that a mask hides your face,” SSUNZY, a 29-year-old beauty YouTuber, tells Reuters. “You can’t show off your charm. I’m going to do makeup that makes your face look good even when you’re wearing a mask.” She recommends that mask-wearers use more moisturizer and a "water-type tint," and stick to neutral shades versus heavy coloring. Meanwhile, fashion designer Park Youn-Hee says that mask-wearing K-pop bands like BTS and Girls' Generation have made the coronavirus mask "a signature item" in "K-fashion."