Should Parents Feel Obligated to Homeschool Their Quarantined Kids?

March 20, 2020
Home schooling

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With most of America's schools closed indefinitely, some parents have stepped into the role of full-time teacher, creating detailed lesson plans as they strive to homeschool their quarantined children. Dr. Jennie Weiner is not one of these parents. "I’m making a good-faith effort to get my kids to do the work that’s been sent home, but that does not come anywhere close to filling what would have been a school day," Weiner, an associate professor of educational leadership at the University of Connecticut, writes in The New York Times. "After accomplishing the bare minimum, the agenda is to survive and watch too much TV. We are loving one another and trying not to go insane...I want to send a message to parents, and in particular to working moms, who will inevitably take on most of this home labor along with working remotely: This is going to be messy and that is OK."