Shaving My Beard Made Me Realize the Worst Compliment You Can Give a Man

April 27, 2017

On Wednesday night I took the stage at Lovin' Cup in Henrietta and had my beard shaved during our Bald for Beards event to help raise money for a couple of different charity organizations that help kids, teens, and young adults in their battles with cancer. The event was an amazing success and we raised over $5,000! Thank you to Sue from Sue's Finishing touch and her girls for donating their time! 

Now despite the fact I knew there would never be a better reason to shave my beard, I had some reservations. For the last 8 years I've rocked a beard. It's been part of my identity. I don't even recognize myself when old photos pre-beard pop up in my Facebook memories. So needless to say I was pretty nervous about what I was going to look like and even more nervous about what people's reactions would be. 

About 12 hours post shave, here's the top 3 reactions I've gotten so far... 

1. You look so young
2. You look so different 
3. You look adorable

Only one of those reactions can technically be considered a compliment, but that's the one that stings the most. "You look adorable". You might be asking yourself, what's the big deal? Take a compliment, dude. Let me explain it to you...

NO self respecting man wants to be referred to as adorable. Let me break it down. When I think of the word adorable, these are some things that come to mind.  

1. Babies
2. Old people
3. Cute animals 

People love all three of those things, but they also share something else in common, they all have ZERO sex appeal and are usually prefaced by someone saying, "awwwwww", another thing no man ever wants to hear when it comes to their appearance. I'm not trying to come off bitter or jaded, of course I'm still glad I shaved and helped out an amazing cause, but I just want to educate you. The next time you want to call a man adorable, just pause for a second and think, "maybe I should just tell them they look good."