Seattle Coronavirus Survivor Shares Story of Her Early Symptoms, Road to Recovery

March 13, 2020

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On February 22, Elizabeth Schneider attended a party in Seattle. Three days later, she woke up feeling tired, but still went to work. At around noon, she began experiencing a headache, along with fever and body aches, and decided to head home for a nap. She awoke with a fever of 103 and tells Agence France-Press that she "started to shiver uncontrollably." The 37-year-old didn't think she had coronavirus because she experienced no trouble breathing, but ordered up a nasal-swab kit from a research outfit called the Seattle Flu Study and, sure enough, tested positive for COVID-19. (At least five other people caught the virus at the party she attended.) By the time she was diagnosed, she was already feeling better, but self-quarantined at home for a week on the advice of local heath authorities. “If you think you have it, you probably do,” says Schneider. “If your symptoms aren’t life-threatening, simply stay at home, medicate with over-the-counter medicines, drink lots of water, get a lot of rest and check out the shows you want to binge-watch.”