Science has Determined The Scariest Movie of All Time

October 23, 2020

gpointstudio iStock / Getty Images Plus


The horror film debate is over because science has found the scariest film of all time! Broadband Choices decided to use science to find the scariest film, asking 50 people of different ages to watch a critics list of the 50 most terrifying movies of all time. While the average heartrate at rest is 65 beats per minute, Ethan Hawkes' film, 'Sinister', caused heart rates to shoot up to an average of 86 beats per minute. Those pulses earned the 2012 movie the top spot on the "scariest movies" list. Horror master James' Wu's 2010 film, 'Insidious' came in second place, raising heart rates to an average 85bpm. Someone freaked out during "Insidious", though, cause their heart rate shot up to 133bpm during the movie for the biggest heartrate spike recorded.