Saving Money by Tipping Servers Less Is Apparently a "Life Hack"

April 10, 2019

Mizina iStock / Getty Images Plus

Apparently stiffing your server is now a "life hack." That's what CNBC reporter Zack Guzman urged viewers to do in a now-viral video, revealing his long-practiced habit of only tipping servers based on the pre-tax amount of his bill and not the final amount. He claims that "the trick" will save you more than $400 a year, but, as Eater points out, that's a completely arbitrary figure that can vary depending on the person. If you're feeling generous, he suggests doubling the tax, but that, too, brings up issues because sales taxes very greatly across the country. The CNBC video is actually from February 2018, but recently gained traction when Twitter users started sharing it. Most people are irate over the insensitive advice, which seems to disregard the needs of servers at the expense of benefiting those wealthy enough to eat out in the first place.