Restaurant Customer Accidentally Served $5,800 Bottle of Wine Instead of $335 Bottle

May 17, 2019

Earlier this week at the Hawksmoor steakhouse in Manchester, England, a customer ordered a $335 bottle of Bordeaux wine. Instead, the customer was accidentally served a $5,800 bottle of 2001 Château Le Pin, the most expensive wine in the restaurant. "It was a very busy night at the restaurant and a very simple mistake," the restaurant's p.r. rep told CNN. "A member of staff picked up the wrong bottle, mistaking it for another Bordeaux of the same vintage." Hawksmoor Manchester showed a good sense of humor about the expensive error on Twitter, writing, "To the customer who accidentally got given a bottle of Chateau le Pin Pomerol 2001, which is £4500 on our menu, last night--hope you enjoyed your evening! To the member of staff who accidentally gave it away, chin up! One-off mistakes happen and we love you anyway."