Quarantine Doesn't Mean You Should Reach Out to Your Exes

April 7, 2020

m-imagephotography Getty Images


After days which seem like weeks, and weeks that seem like months, people in quarantine can start do do things they wouldn't do in ordinary circumstances, like combing through their ex's Instagram page. If you stop there, you're probably OK, says Lifehacker, but if you decide to take the leap and contact them again, that's probably not such a good idea the outlet says. Stressful circumstances like these can set "the stage for us to make decisions we might not make otherwise," says psychologist Dr. Kate Jansen. Mourning the life you've lost "could lead to romanticizing a past relationship, and feeling tempted to reach out when you wouldn’t have a month ago.” Relationship expert Haley Neidich says it's a bad idea. “What we are all living through right now is not a normal circumstance and it is causing many people to make decisions out of fear, Niedich says. If you find yourself with this urge, Jansen says it may be because you're really just missing your regular family and friends. Try hosting a virtual happy hour, taking a FaceTime walk together, playing video games online together, watching tv or movies together via Netflix party, or livestream exercise classes as a group. “Pick a social activity and really commit,” she says. “Once you’ve started you’ll probably be glad you did."