Pregnant Teen in Virginia Goes Viral Sharing Ultrasound Pics of Her "Devil Baby""

September 13, 2019

dimarik iStock / Getty Images Plus


"I cast you out!" That's what one mom-to-be in Virginia may be thinking after getting a glimpse of her future child's demonic-looking mug in a series of ultrasound images last month. "My weird a** daughter...I love this devil baby so much already," 17-year-old Iyanna Carrington wrote on Facebook alongside pics of the baby's face, which kind of looks like a Chucky doll. "She a f**king creep." Carrington also told a local news outlet that seeing the images for the first time sure did startle her. “I said ‘she looks like a ghost’ in the doctor’s office and the doctor said, ‘Yeah that’s very normal,’” Carrington said. “She looked a bit crazy.” Carrington plans to name her daughter Autumn.