Precious Orji, Pope Thrower, Decide Huxtable, Trent Artichoker Compete in Name of the Year Tourney

April 2, 2019

Tania Bondar iStock / Getty Images Plus

Sharky Laguana is someone's actual name. So is Nimrod Shmul. These are just two of the 16 real people (really!) squaring off in the first round of Deadspin's annual name of the year tournament. Below are the matchups, which you can vote on via the link, along with the respective seeding in the Sithole Region:

  • Surrender Nada (10) vs. Jonathan Anomaly (16)
  • Dr. Trent Artichoker (8) vs. Voltaire Casino (9)
  • Konstantine Sepsis (5) vs. Donald Bullcoming (12)
  • Alpha Omega Nickelberry III (4) vs. Nimrod Shmul (13)
  • Princehoward Barbecue Yes (6) vs. Pope Thrower (11)
  • Precious Orji (3) vs. Breadoflife Faiupu (14)
  • Sharky Laguana (7) vs. Surreal Sparx (10)
  • Decide Huxtable (2) vs. Harrison Treegoob (15)