Politicians Discuss Whether Paying Stay-at-Home Parents Is a Possibility

October 4, 2019

Michael Blann iStock / Getty Images Plus


Politicians have once again started debating whether stay at home parents should start getting some financial help or pay for raising their children--even if they don't "work" in a traditional sense. “The question is: what do we mean by work? I know my wife is working harder than I am, and I’m running for president," says presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Some presidential candidates are suggesting paid leave, expanding the earned income credit to at-home parents, giving Social Security credits and other incentives to make life easier for parents to stay at home with their children. Six of the Senators running for president agree with the idea that parents should be given a monthly check; this is already done in Canada, Australia and some European countries. Even though most parents work, more than half of mothers would prefer to stay home with their children.