People Really Hate Peloton Christmas Ad About a Husband Who Gives Skinny Wife a Bike

December 3, 2019

© David R. Lutman/Special to the Courier Journal


Peloton is facing a mega-ton of backlash over its cringe-y holiday ad about a husband who surprises his skinny wife with one of their pricey exercise bikes on Christmas morning. In the 30-second spot--which premiered last month, but started going viral this week--the wife obsessively documents her fitness journey, taking videos that show her constantly worrying about her Peloton sessions. She even makes sure to wake up early and rush home from work to fit them in. At the end of the spot, she shows a year's worth of those videos to her husband while gushing, "I didn't know how much this would change me." One Twitter user wrote in response to the ad, "Nothing says 'maybe you should lose a few pounds' like gifting your already rail-thin life partner a Peloton." Another tweeted, "The commercial about the vlogging, 116-pound woman’s YEARLONG fitness journey to becoming a 112-pound woman who says, 'I didn’t realize how much this would change me,' is just ri-g**-damn-diculous. Come on."