People Missing Airplane Food Are Ordering It for Their Homes

May 8, 2020
airplane food

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People who miss flying are ordering cheese and snack trays from an online surplus-stock website, according to The Washington Post. Imperfect foods has sold 40,000 cheese and snack trays from JetBlue for $2.99 a pop. Airlines are selling off some some of their excess inventory and donating the rest to food banks and other destinations. Imperfect Foods chief executive Philip Behn says, "we could only take a fraction of what they had," as early as two months ago. Airlines and other travel and leisure businesses have been looking to unload millions of pounds of food, but they are typically not packaged properly for home buyers, Behn says. “We have stepped up with co-packers to try to repackage some of those products — it’s hard work and it’s slow given the importance of food safety.”