Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Likely to Escape Charges in Alleged Massage Parlor Indiscretion

September 22, 2020

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft will most likely escape charges in connection with an incident in which he allegedly paid a massage parlor for sex. On Monday, Florida prosecutors said they weren't going to appeal a court's decision that blocked video of the supposed exchange. The fear is that if the state lost a Supreme Court challenge it could lead to  "broader, negative implications" on future cases. As a result, charges pending against Kraft and around 20 other men are in line to be dropped, since the alleged video is the only evidence of a crime. Also on Monday, Kraft's lawyers asked a court to have the videos destroyed. "Only by ordering the State to destroy the Videos and to comply with interim measures securing them can the Court guard against the palpable risk of further leak or misuse and correspondingly vindicate the constitutional principles and rights that are at stake in this case," wrote his attorney, Frank Shepherd.