Parents Are Hiring Coaches to Help Them Control Kids' Screen Time

July 8, 2019

grinvalds iStock / Getty Images Plus

More and more parents are reaching out for help with the amount of time their children spend in front of screens. According to The New York Times, "screen consultants" have become numerous. These consultants, or parenting coaches, are sought out by parents because they're alarmed about how much kids use their devices. Coaches will typically recommend basic activity changes like playing with blocks, painting or jumping rope. “It’s not that challenging, be attentive to your phone use, notice the ways it interferes with being present,” says Erica Reischer, a parenting coach and psychologist operating in San Francisco, California. Richard Halpern, a Portland, Oregon parenting coach says he tells parents to use animals as a guide. "They’re fully present. They’re living," he notes. "That’s a great role model.”