Ottawa Recluse Trapped in Snowbound House All Winter Found Alive

March 11, 2019


When you're a recluse, being trapped in your house all winter is "snow" big deal. Last week, authorities in Ottawa spent 90 minutes working to clear a path to a man's home after neighbors expressed concern that he hadn't left the residence since the start of winter. CTV News reports that a tractor was needed to help remove the ice that had surrounded the house and that officers feared the worst when they initially saw no signs of life. "Unfortunately, the officers thought they were going in to find someone who was deceased. Lo and behold, there was a gentleman--an older gentleman--on his couch,” said Ottawa Police Staff Sergeant John Gibbons. “He had decided he was going to ride out the winter. He couldn’t get out, his snow blower had broken, and he was going to stay there all winter until the spring thaw let him get out of the house.” The man told police he was living off canned goods and still didn't want to leave. “My understanding is that he’s a recluse--didn’t want to ask for help, which is difficult for some people to do,” Gibbons said. “But I know after everything was said and done he was very happy with the officers, what they did for him."