One of England's Oldest Cathedrals Adds a Mini-Golf Course

July 31, 2019

V iStock / Getty Images Plus

One of England's oldest churches has a new addition: a mini golf-course. Rochester Cathedral installed a course that features nine holes that look like bridges, the AP reports. Rev. Rachel Phillips said, “visitors will reflect on the bridges that need to be built in their own lives and in our world today.” Critics have denounced the move, with one calling it “an act of desecration” that was “making Christianity look ridiculous.” Anglican priest Giles Fraser tweeted, “what people want from the church is the sort of moral and spiritual seriousness they can’t get elsewhere. Not this.” But the Cathedral's Canon Matthew Rushton cited the Archbishop of Canterbury as one of the inspirations for the course, quoting a speech he'd given to clergy. "If you don’t know how to have fun in cathedrals then you’re not doing your job properly.”