North Carolina Man Keeps $780K Lottery Win From Family

May 30, 2019


Most people can't wait to share their lottery win with their family. Sammie Brunson is a rare exception. According to UPI, the North Carolina man kept his luck a secret from everyone--including his wife, mom and sister--and even went to Raleigh on the sly to claim his $786,757 prize. "I'm excited to surprise them," Brunson told the North Carolina Lottery, adding that he discovered he won while at work on an overtime shift at Plastex Fabricators. "I checked the numbers on my phone," he said. "When I saw I had won, I stayed calm. I just put the ticket back in my pocket. But I had to keep pulling out my phone to check again and again!" Brunson plans to purchase a truck for his mom and a new house, and also pay some bills. He also plans to tell his family the news this week. “They’re probably not going to believe I’m for real,” Brunson said. “But I’m ecstatic; I know they’ll be so happy.”