NFL's Washington Franchise Reportedly to Retire Controversial Nickname on Monday

July 13, 2020
Washington Redskins



Washington NFL owner Daniel Snyder announced late Sunday that the team would be retiring the "Redskins" team name and may announce a new one on Monday morning, a source tells USA Today. Snyder has long resisted calls to change the name, and even told the outlet in 2013 that he would "never" change it. Many consider the term to be offensive, and the dictionary classifies it as a racial slur. Snyder recently has been pressured not just by Native American groups, but by sponsors, and even team minority owners. Fed Ex, whose president and chairman Fred Smith owns a stake of the team, publicly demanded a change on July 2. The new name remains unknown, but Warriors, Red Wolves and Redtails have been suggested by fans on social media.