NFL's Sammy Watkins Believes He's an Alien, Insists He's Seen a Spaceship in Off-the-Rails Interview

May 13, 2020
Sammy Watkins

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Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins recently opened up to writer Tyler Dunne, in an off-the-rails interview which makes his reputation as an "eccentric" seem like a big understatement. Yardbarker put together all of the wild claims made by Watkins, including that he believes he can control the outcome of any situation, that we die every day and are reborn, that he's seen both a spaceship and the aliens inside, teleportation is possible, and that he himself is an alien. Watkins also believes and that we are currently living in "the Dark Ages right now. For sure." Among more pedestrian concerns like the NFL, Watkins believes that he will end up in the NFL Hall of Fame. While he's a good player, Watkins would have to drastically outperform his current production for an extended period of time to make that happen, but apparently, he has a plan. “I’m going to talk to the guardians of the galaxy, talk to the true aliens,” Watkins told Dunne, “and try to work it out.”