New York Men Are Embracing Plastic Surgery With "Daddy Do-Overs"

June 13, 2019

LSOphoto iStock / Getty Images Plus

Women have long been known to use plastic surgery, the "mommy makeover," for shedding a little post-baby weight. Now, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more and more guys are looking for help with their dad bods. "Some of my patients won’t even put on a T-shirt. They tell me they feel like they have a B-cup," says Upper East Side surgeon Dr. Alan Matarasso. "That’s why we’re calling it the 'daddy do-over.'" Matarasso notes that having children can change a man's lifestyle, and can spur weight gain. Typical procedures include liposuction of the chest, abs and flanks. “After having kids, your life changes,” Matarasso adds. "Maybe you used to go play basketball every Sunday and burn 1,000 calories and now you’re at the Central Park Zoo on Sunday instead." One of Matarasso’s 57-year-old patients gave a simpler reason for having work done: He wanted to look good at the beach.