New Walmart Delivery Service Will Put Groceries Right in Your Fridge

October 16, 2019

Walmart is offering a new service called InHome grocery delivery, that will not only deliver groceries, it will bring them inside your house and put them in your fridge, CNBC reports. InHome launched in three cities Tuesday: Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Vero Beach, Florida, and costs $19.95 per month. It also requires a $49.95 smart door/garage lock kit which includes free installation and a month of unlimited grocery delivery. “It’s a service we plan to grow and scale aggressively” Walmart spokesman Bart Stein said. Employees who deliver will have to have worked at least one year for the company, and will have to pass background and motor vehicle record checks, along with extensive training. The kits will turn existing deadbolts into a smart-lock, and won't require homeowners to change their keys. Walmart employees will be given a one-time access code and the delivery will be live-streamed. Any of the 30,000+ grocery items listed on Walmart's current grocery app will be available for delivery.