Mother Duck Takes Ducklings on Annual Parade Through Hospital

May 22, 2019

madsci iStock / Getty Images Plus

Spring is a time when fuzzy new ducklings start to make an appearance, and one hospital in Rochester always gets an especially close-up look at the little ones. People reports that one duck brings her new babies to visit the University of Rochester's Thompson Health hospital every year, and just made her annual visit. "Every year, without fail, a mama duck chooses one of the enclosed courtyards at our M.M. Ewing Continuing Care Center to lay her eggs," the staff wrote on their Facebook page this week. "She lets us know she's ready by tapping on the glass, and this morning, it was time for this annual rite of spring." The duck then paraded her 13 ducklings through the hallways of the medical facility, with a little traffic control from employees. She follows the same path every year.