More "Good News" Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak

September 9, 2020
Coronavirus Good News

Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak...

1.  A judge in Houston had a family evicted last week.  So the cops who had to kick them out started a GoFundMe page to help them, along with other families in the same situation.  And people have donated HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars already.  The dad did a follow-up interview and got pretty emotional about it.  (There's also a separate GoFundMe just for his family.)

2.  A guy in Alaska named Jack Little got in on the Venmo Challenge the other day, and tipped a waitress $500.  And he's not done.  He says his friends on social media have been really generous, so he still has another $7,000 to shell out.

3.  A group in Omaha called the Dreamweaver Foundation normally helps seniors with bucket list stuff . . . crazy things like hot air balloon rides.  But they pivoted when COVID-19 hit, and used their budget to give 300 Facebook Portals to nursing homes in Nebraska and Iowa.  So now people can video chat with friends and family.

4.  A zoo in Tacoma, Washington has started doing personalized videos for kids called "Animal Shoutouts."  A $50 donation gets you a 30-second clip, where a zookeeper says hello or happy birthday while an animal does a trick.  You can choose from 11 animals, including a walrus, sloth, seal, penguin, and parrot.  (Here are examples.)