More "Good News" Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak

November 2, 2020
Coronavirus Good News

Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak...

1.  A bunch of kids in California did a Halloween parade outside a nursing home to cheer people up.  And a retirement home in Iowa did a "Booze N' Tattoos" event last week where they could get a temporary tattoo and a REAL beer.  One guy got pistols on each bicep to show off his "guns."  He joked that he'd always wanted a tattoo, and got a pair of them just so he could have TWO beers.

2.  A five-year-old girl in New York named Egypt Bush has published three children's books during the pandemic, including one about first responders called "Superhero Town".  She's now sold around a thousand copies since June.

3.  56% of parents have played more video games with their kids during the pandemic, just to spend more time with them.  The average parent has added an extra five hours of video games a week.

4.  For two months, a guy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has been standing on a street corner six days a week, waving at drivers and holding signs that say things like, "You're important" and "Red or Blue, I love you." He says he knew people were stressed about the pandemic, and the election.  So he decided to do it every morning from September 1st until Election Day.  He's only skipped Sundays for church.