Mom Orders "Moana" Cake for Daughter's Birthday, Gets Marijuana Cake With Tramp Stamp Instead

July 11, 2019

Kensii Davis is a huge fan of the Disney movie Moana. So when it came time for the Georgia woman to celebrate her 25th birthday, her mom ordered a Moana ice-cream cake from a Dairy Queen in Milledgeville. But the DQ misheard "Moana" as "marijuana" and made a marijuana-themed cake on accident--complete with a stoned, green pony. "I guess when they said that I love cartoons, they were just like, 'Let's throw a little pony on there,'" Davis told WMAZ, adding that the cake was tasty. "It had red eyes. It was smoking a joint with a tramp stamp of a pot leaf on it's bottom. I was very shocked and it was hilarious to me. I was very impressed by the capabilities of them to be able to do the design that they did."