Minnesota's All-High School Hockey Hair Team Is Unveiled (for the Last Time)

March 11, 2019

For the past decade, John King and Game On ! Minnesota have released a video ranking the 10 best hairstyles in the state's high-school hockey ranks. "The bleached mullets," writes The City Pages. "The silky, shoulder-length manes. Mustaches that'd make Tom Selleck blush. And occasionally we are blessed by the lucky few who can grow a set of filthy mutton chops." This year's video, King says, is "the grand flownale" of the perpetually viral rundown of hockey manes, featuring such teenage characters as "Michaelangeflow" and the "Railroad Baron." As The City Pages concludes, "Maybe it’s something in our only gently polluted lake water, but let's weirdly humble brag: Minnesota high-schoolers are some of America's most talented when it comes to growing hockey hair."