MillerCoors Sues Bud Light's Brewer Over Corn Syrup Ad

March 22, 2019

On Thursday, MillerCoors filed a lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch, the maker of Bud Light, over a Super Bowl ad that teased the former brewer for using corn syrup in its beer. According to CNN, the lawsuit claims Anheuser-Busch "plotted an extensive and pervasive advertising scheme designed to frighten consumers into switching away from Miller Lite and Coors Light to Bud Light." The suit also accuses Anheuser-Busch of using corn syrup as a fermentation aid in drinks such as Stella Artois Cidre and Bud Ice. Furthermore, MillerCoors says it doesn't use high-fructose corn syrup, which is different than regular corn syrup, in its beverages, while alleging that A-B puts high-fructose corn syrup in drink like Rita's Berry-A-Rita.