Millennials Rejoice! White Claw Just Announced New 3 Brand New Flavors

March 6, 2020
white claw



White Claw announced in a press release Thursday that at long last, they will be releasing three new flavors of their hard seltzer. The new flavors are tangerine, watermelon and lemon, and will be the first new flavors debuted in the last 16 months. "Since our launch in 2016, we have only launched six flavors – it takes time to perfect a liquid worthy to bear the White Claw name," said Phil Rosse, President, White Claw Seltzer Works. "In the last year, tens and thousands of eager and passionate consumers took to social media requesting new flavors- and we listened." The new varieties will be also be only 100 calories and 2 grams of sugar per 12 fl. oz. serving, with 5 percent alcohol.