Mike Tyson Had a Three-Round "Fight" With Sharks to Kick Off "Shark Week"

August 10, 2020

DigtialStorm iStock / Getty Images Plus


On Sunday, to kick of Discovery's "Shark Week," former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson took on sharks in a three round "fight," according to Bleacher Report. "I'm scared to death," the former champ admitted as things got underway. Billed as Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef, Tyson was first trained by scientists and researchers, including Paul De Gelder, who lost a forearm and leg to sharks. “Looking at you, I don’t think I’m going to come out too well,” Tyson said, according to The Daily Beast. After training, Tyson took on three rounds with dozens of sharks swimming around him in a shark sanctuary in the Bahamas. In the first round, Tyson had to do a cage dive with lemon sharks. The next round was a free swim where he had to simply push away sharks that came near. Tyson took a break to vomit before the final round, "tonic immobility." Tyson had to dive down and stroke the sensory pores of a shark's snout, which "cause a temporary state of inactivity," according to Shark Week. With help, he was able to do it.  "Mike Tyson is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the shark!" said a trainer. As for real people, Tyson will face Roy Jones in an exhibition match on November 28, tentatively. "Shark Week" continues on the Discovery channel through August 16