Michael Jackson’s Family Responds to “Leaving Neverland” in a New Documentary

April 7, 2019
AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - NOVEMBER 10: Michael Jackson performs on stage during is 'HIStory' world tour concert at Ericsson Stadium November 10, 1996 in Auckland, New Zealand.

© Phil Walter/Getty Images

One of the biggest criticisms of the HBO documentary "Leaving Neverland", which detailed the sexual assault and pedophilia allegations against Michael Jackson by two now grown men, was that it was very one sided. Typically a documentary would explore both sides of a situation or topic, but in this instance they didn’t feature anyone in defense of Jackson. While the documentary did point out that any members of the Jackson family they reached out to refused to go on camera, it’s still a rallying cry for anyone who still maintains Jackson’s innocence. According to Vanity Fair another new documentary, which features members of Jacksn’s inner circle titled “Neverland Firsthand”, was uploaded to YouTube last weekend. The new documentary pushes back against the clams against the late singer.