Martin Shkreli Put in Solitary Confinement for Illegally Running Business From Prison

April 2, 2019

© Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

After The Wall Street Journal reported last month that Martin Shrkreli had been using a contraband phone to illegally run his drug company from federal lockup, two sources now tell Forbes that the "Pharma Bro" has been thrown into solitary confinement for his infractions. While the Bureau of Prisons refused to confirm those reports, they did say, "When there are allegations of misconduct, they are thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action is taken if allegations are sustained." The WSJ had reported that Shkreli, who's locked up in a Fort Dix, New Jersey, correctional facility, "still helps call the shots" at Phoenixus, which used to go by Turing Pharmaceuticals. "A few weeks ago, he rang up his handpicked chief executive during a safari vacation—to fire him, according to a person familiar with the exchange," the outlet also reported. Shkreli is currently about 17 months into a seven-year sentence for fraud.