Mark-Paul Gosselaar Has a "Saved by the Bell" Reboot Update

September 19, 2019

© Louis Mason, The News Journal


Mark-Paul Gosselaar says he has not been contacted by NBC about the recently announced Saved By the Bell reboot, TMZ reports. The actor, who played the character Zack Morris in the original '90s sitcom, says he is interested in reprising the role if producers reach out to him. NBC has publicly announced that stars Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley are returning, but there's been no mention of Gosselaar--which is strange, since the reboot's storyline is about now-Governor Zack Morris and his new schooling policy involving Bayside High. The actor said he's talked to several other original cast members who also haven't been contacted, but didn't disclose their names. The outlet reports that Gosselaar didn't seem overly concerned, probably because he is currently working on another show for ABC.