A Man and His Mom Are Going Viral Because She Looks So Young People Think She's His Girlfriend

August 2, 2019

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There's a 22-year-old man named Jonathan Nguyen who lives in Los Angeles and he and his mom are going viral because he posted some pictures of them on Instagram, and she looks young enough to be his girlfriend. Apparently lots of people make that mistake when they're out together. He says, quote, "My mom is in her 40s. Her secret to not aging is dieting and exercising. She also has a skin care routine that I'm not too aware of."

Meet my mom and my best friend -- Gặp mẹ và người bạn thân nhất của tôi.-- My ride or die... ---- This is the only picture we had at the party that she threw for me. I love you and I’m so thankful mama.

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A post shared by Jonathan Nguyen (@jhnguyeners) on