Mad at Your Ex? That Could Help You Move On

March 2, 2020

fizkesiStock / Getty Images Plus


If you're furious with an ex, that could be a good thing--at least at first, according to Elite Daily. “Anger feels like the most proactive emotion for getting over an ex, as anger energizes us while depression deflates us," says Chelsea Leigh Trescott, a breakup coach. "Anger helps us drive people away, whereas sadness reminds us that someone that once was ours has been driven away." However, while anger can get you over the hump as it were, it's not good to stay mad. "When you’re focused on your ex and what they did to you, you’re keeping your energy and perspective rooted in the past... Anger may have jump-started your healing process, but now you’ll need to do the real inner work of healing from the inside out." Trescott recommends therapy to examine personal issues and motivations. Letting go of anger ultimately could allow a space where new love and relationships can exist.