Laid-Off Service Industry Pros Selling Nudes to Raise Cash for Co-Workers

March 31, 2020

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A trio of out-of-work Dallas-area service workers are banding together to raise money for colleagues, by selling nude photos of themselves, Eater reports. The idea is the brainchild of bartender Katherine Doolittle, who said she was inspired by an Australian woman whose nudes raised more than $1 million last year for victims of the wildfires. “We figured we could do the same thing for people who are in need,” Doolittle said. The photos will be put into a digital album, and then sold through a site like OnlyFans, which allows sales of paid subscriptions for celebs and adult entertainers. Doolittle expects the price to be around $20 for access, and that Nudes for Industry Babes and Dudes will go live sometime this week. Doolittle said they aren't yet sure how they'll pay out the money to affected workers, but "We’re obviously going to take care of our coworkers and family members in the industry, and anyone else that we’re able to help.”