If You Have to Drink Bad Beer, Try Putting a Pickle in It

July 23, 2020

Lifehacker scribe Claire Lower says that she used to be trapped in a life of beer snobbery, only drinking craft beers, particularly Belgians and anything spontaneously fermented. "But somewhere along the line, I developed an allergy (?) or some sort of 'condition; that causes me to sneeze every time I drink a beer that is not excessively light in flavor and body. I was upset at first, but I got over it. Drinking s**tty beer is actually quite freeing," she writes. Because of her newfound beer freedom, Lower started putting pickles in her beer. "The pickle gives the beer flavor—something it desperately needs—and the salt tastes particularly welcome on a hot, sweaty day," she explains. She also says a sour pickle will offset the cheap beer's bitterness and makes the quaff "quite refreshing." Plus, like the olive in your martini, you get to eat the pickle when you're done. For best results, she recommends using a spear and making sure your beer is really cold, because "kinda cold, kinda salty beer is not delicious or refreshing."