Iceland's Wow Air Unexpectedly Shutters, Stranding Thousands of Passengers

March 28, 2019

Wow, indeed! Iceland's Wow Airlines unexpectedly ceased operations on Thursday, stranding thousands of passengers worldwide. CNN reports that the budget airline announced its closure in a statement on its website, advising passengers to book new flights on other airlines in order to reach their destinations. One Wow passenger tweeted after getting stuck at Newark's Liberty Airport on Wednesday night, "Just found out about this news. They didn't even notify any of us directly, had to find out from Twitter and Reddit." A second Newark passenger added about the chaos, "Twenty minutes to board, @wowairsupport cancels the flight. But then sends an email that it’s just delayed until 9 p.m. Oh, but the crew left because it was canceled." A third said passengers were offered nothing but "a $12 voucher" after the cancellation. "I definitely feel kind of left out in the cold right now," added a loyal Wow passenger by the name of Alex Spence.