How to Stop Touching Your Face All the Time in the Age of Coronavirus

March 5, 2020
Touching face

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Ever since the coronavirus epidemic started, have you found that you can't stop touching your face? You're not alone: As actor Seth Rogen tweeted Tuesday, "Realizing basically all I do is touch my face." As more and more experts recommend keeping your mitts off your mug to avoid spreading germs, here are some tips from TODAY for cutting back on your face-touching habit:

  1. Set up visual reminders for yourself. Set a repeated alert on your phone, perhaps every hour, that says “Don’t touch face." Put a sticky note with the same reminder on your work computer, bathroom mirror, in the car and any other place you’re going to be for a long period of time.
  2. Practice with a scarf over your face. Wearing something similar to a mask on your face can help you realize just how often you’re touching your nose and mouth. And while it’s still cold out, try pulling up your scarf a bit higher over your face to remind you to keep your hands away.
  3. Cover your fingers. Wearing cotton gloves around the house or placing small strips of tape on your fingertips can make the sensation of touching your face much different than usual, alerting you to the behavior.
  4. Park idle hands in a safe place. During meetings, sit on your hands or hold them in your lap, fingers interlaced, to avoid the temptation to touch your face.
  5. Record yourself. Set up your phone so that it records you for a while as you’re watching TV or working at your computer, then watch the footage and count the number of times you touched your face.
  6. Practice good self-care. Being well-rested, having a clear cognitive state and keeping stress levels in check will not only boost your immune system, but also allow you to be more cognizant of not touching your face.