How to Sleep When the World Is Falling Apart

April 8, 2020
sleeping couple

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If stress from our new reality is keeping you awake at night, Lifehacker has some tips to help get some much needed rest. Here are four common scenarios people are experiencing these days in regards to sleep (or lack thereof): 

  1. Why anxiety wakes you up at night, and how to reclaim your rest. If you find yourself falling asleep, bu then waking up, try getting up and out of bed, distracting yourself, exercising daily, avoiding clock-watching in bed, and making an effort to relax.
  2. How to get some rest when stress is keeping you up. If you just can't fall asleep, try walking around a bit, have an (herbal) cup of tea, meditate, avoid screen time, and limiting your use of sleep drugs. 
  3. Avoid anxiety-inducing topics right before you go to bed. This may be harder these days, but it might be better to avoid looking at news or social media for a time before bed.
  4. How to recover from a nightmare. In times like these, you may be prone to super vivid dreams or nightmares. If you have one, it's important to acknowledge the feelings they produce, and then try to process those feelings.